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House of Zwide

TONS OF SPOILERS ALERT! Read at own Risk. House of Zwide Premieres Monday, 19 July at 7PM. 

Ona’s story is one of a young woman from the wrong side of the tracks who comes to Rosebank chasing her dreams.

Her main conflict is with the powerful Faith Zwide who resents how Zobuhle is more talented than her own children. (P.S Zobuhle and Ona the same person)

When she starts working at Zwide she begins to connect with Sandile, a talented fellow designer who shares the same interests and passion. And Zobuhle suddenly finds herself torn between the life she’s leaving behind and the one that lays ahead.

Things get even more complicated when the secret that Faith and Isaac were involved in her mother’s death starts coming to the surface.

And adding more fuel to the fire is the revelation that Funani’s children with Faith aren’t actually his, and for years Faith has been having an affair with the man she’s led everyone to believe is her brother.

With all these deadly secrets being kept hidden, what is the fate of the Zwide legacy and the ones who built it?

Blood will be shed for the fortunes the company bestows. 

This is our House. House of Zwide, show premieres Monday 19 July at 7PM.