House of Zwide - Faith |

House of Zwide - Faith

In an industry dominated by men, the most badass person running the show is a woman.

She was born and raised in a shack in Tembisa and it’s a place she has vowed never to return to. Her traumatic past defines her want, Faith will make sure she and her children never end up broke.

Faith sincerely believes Funani’s retail dream will lead to them losing everything and she simply has to stop him. Her other conflict is with Ona who’s a character from her past comes back to haunt her.

Ona and Faith are different in every way. While Ona embraces where she’s from, Faith has put Tembisa firmly behind her. And this is expressed in their fashion; Ona wants to embrace street culture while Faith is adamant House of Zwide is a high-end label for high-end people.

But Faith goes about these conflicts in strategic ways, operating in the shadows, a true puppet master. You will sit and smile at Faith without knowing she’s your worst enemy. But despite her conniving and manipulation, we will always understand that everything Faith does, even the reprehensible, is for her kids.

Faith is a powerful antagonist, one you may very well love to hate.

Tune in for the premiere of House of Zwide, Monday 19 July at 7PM.