House of Zwide - Ona |

House of Zwide - Ona

Ona’s the heroine of the show. Her dream is clear, she wants to be the head designer at the House of Zwide and create Kasi-inspired outfits.

It’s time to bring fashion back to the people.

When we meet Ona she’s desperate to get a place in the famous Zwide internship program but the truth is, she doesn’t stand a chance- the program only chooses the top three graduates from Fashion school.

Ona’s dream seems to be over when the top 3 candidates are announced. But fate seems to be on Ona’s side and she becomes the first-ever 4th intern vying for the top spot.

What makes Ona a great hero is how she faces the obstacles against her. It appears there’s simply no way she can win. She has no formal education, no connections in the industry. Still, Ona is a fighter.

The biggest obstacle of all, however, is the fact that Faith Zwide is determined to kill Ona’s dream and get her out of the company. 

It's the House of Zwide Premiere, Monday 19 July at 7PM.