House of Zwide - Sandile and Soka’s Arrest |
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House of Zwide - Sandile and Soka’s Arrest

This Week on House of Zwide

Sandile and Soka’s Arrest
Sandile and Soka confront Monica but are mistakenly arrested. Zanele and Mampho clear their names, leading to Monica’s arrest. Sandile remains downcast.

Faith’s Plea
Faith learns Loyiso might never wake up and rushes to her Sangoma, offering to reveal the truth about Mangidi. The Zwide men prepare for Mangidi’s Ukubuyisa ceremony.

Keletso’s Decision
Keletso chooses Sipho as her manager, hurting Molefe. Isaac initially misjudges Sipho but is reassured by his vision for Keletso. Ona helps Keletso understand branding.


Sandile confides in Zanele about his sadness. She shares her recent miscarriage, leading to a heartfelt conversation.

Loyiso Wakes Up
Loyiso wakes up, wanting to talk to Faith. Ona advises Keletso to be honest with Isaac about her career. Zanele struggles to share big news with Faith. Funani worries about his father's trembling hand. Keletso’s contract terms upset her family.

Busi’s Disappearance
Funani and Nkosi suspect Nandipha’s involvement and head to Tembisa. Soka joins the search for Busi, but efforts come up empty-handed. Ona and Molefe try to cheer up Keletso after her disastrous gig, but mean online comments dishearten her.

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