Isiphetho - Bound By Flames |
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Isiphetho - Bound By Flames

This week on  Isiphetho - Destiny, the Zondo family secret threatens to tear everything apart. Here's a look at the drama that unfolds:

The Weight of the Past: Justice is burdened by Connie's accusation about the girls' involvement in the fire, and advises Blondie to confront the family. The Zondo's response stuns him – they choose forgiveness and a pact of silence, protecting the children but jeopardising the truth.

Unexpected Sacrifice: Mkhapheni, learns that Sli resigned for him and he takes a bold step -he heads to the shisanyama, determined to return the favour and resign on Sli's behalf what could Mkhapheni’s gesture mean? 

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Justice Unravels the Lies: Justice, determined to get to the bottom of things, continues his investigation. This relentless pursuit leads him to a shocking discovery – Connie's account of the fire that took Thuliswa's life may not be entirely truthful.

What Lies Ahead? With Justice uncovering Connie's potential web of lies, the upcoming episodes promise a thrilling unravelling of the past. Can the Zondo family maintain their silence? Will Sli allow Mkhapheni's sacrifice? Tune in to Isiphetho - Destiny on  weeknights at 6.30PM to find out!