Mother of All – Streaming on eVOD |

Mother of All – Streaming on eVOD

Ex-cop Nolwazi "Nono" Mathebula (Zenande Mfenyana), walks out of prison resolving to be an exemplary daughter to her religious mother. She is also determined to be an amazing mother to her celebrity daughter and become a model citizen through gainful employment. Then, even when both her mother and daughter reject her, and the South African job market proves to be just as unforgiving, Nono remains steadfast in her resolutions.

But, when a local gangster slits her daughter’s married boyfriend's throat and makes sure her daughter's fingerprints are on the murder weapon to blackmail her into submission - Nono has no choice but to be as ruthless as she was in prison. This ex-cop survived a 10-year sentence amongst dangerous inmates intent to kill her every night, because only killer whales can survive shark-infested waters. Now, a side of Nono that she hoped her mother and daughter would never see, is about to be revealed. 

To save her daughter, Nono raises an all-women army of ex-convicts, all rejected by their respective families, and all searching for redemption.   When the local gangster proves to be the ground floor of a skyscraper, Nono and her posse find themselves in an endless battle, piling bodies on every floor - a cure potentially worse than the disease.