Prison Break |

Prison Break

In every South African prison, there have their own rules and regulations. Benny has now found himself on the other side of the prison law and blood has been spilt.  

There comes a time in life when you realise you have to sacrifice it all for family, and Blou Baatjie found family in Benny.

He decides to share his biggest secret- the whereabouts of his diamonds, and sacrifice himself in order for Benny and Temane’s prison break to succeed.

Every single South African prison has its own rules and regulations. Now, Benny finds himself on the other side of prison law, and blood has been spilt.  

The two titans finally clash as Benny tries to avenge his boss and goes for blood. The journey continues as they try to orchestrate the biggest prison break the country has ever seen, after Benny kills his prison arch-enemy. The big question is… will Benny’s plan really succeed, or will he have caused a fire all for nothing?

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