Roekelose Dade - Blast from The Past |
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Roekelose Dade - Blast from The Past

As tension mounts and anxiety permeates the atmosphere, Cem, the mastermind behind this intricate web of intrigue, takes his manipulative endeavors to new heights. 

He astounds the Cevher family by disclosing a startling proposition: the lives of Huseyin and Kerim can potentially be spared, but at a strikingly high cost. 

The cost in question is none other than the life of Mehmet—the beloved figure in the Cevher family. This conundrum places the family in an unimaginable predicament. 

Their collective will and unity as a family will be tested as they grapple with this moral dilemma. What path will they choose to save their loved ones? Will they sacrifice one life to safeguard others?

Roekelose Dade, Blast from The Past weeknights at 7 PM