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Scandal! This Decemeber

Chronicles of Intrigue: Heists, Scandals, and Workplace Drama

Step into a world where every turn of the page reveals tales of heists, scams, and power struggles. These interconnected stories promise not only a rollercoaster of emotions but also unexpected alliances that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. "Taps: A Heist of the Heart"

Join Taps in a final heist unraveling personal motives, family estrangement, and a quest for reconciliation. As mysteries unfold and charges are mysteriously dropped, alliances are tested in this emotionally charged story of forgiveness and maternal love.

2. "Church Scam Chronicles"

Phil's extravagant gift to Pru triggers a church scandal, testing her innocence and loyalty. With a staged break-in, potential charges, and a ticking clock, Pru faces tough choices in a story of deceit, love, and redemption that transcends the church walls.

3. "The Man in Power: Workplace Turmoil"

Witness workplace tensions as Jojo fires Godfrey, setting off a chain of events involving personal revelations and legal battles. With unexpected alliances and secrets exposed, this story delves into demotions, tough decisions, and a race against time for resolution.

Catch Scandal! weekdays at 7.30pm