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Scandal! Sekwanele

There comes a time in life when you feel like nothing is going right. A moment when you feel like screaming – WHY? Scandal! weeknights at 7:30PM. 

It really happens to everyone, not just you. You are not alone on this rollercoaster we call life. Petunia (Mbali’s mom) really has a headache with her kids, the biggest stress in her life.

Her 2 daughters have suddenly become sworn enemies and she is stuck trying to mend their relationship. With both her daughters obsessed with one man, things get very tricky.

Mbali does everything in her power to get Jojo back. Seeking advice from a sangoma seems to be her only way forward.

But she would be advised that the only way to win him back would be to sacrifice the one person she loves most besides Jojo – her mother. IMAGINE! A daughter sacrificing her own mother for indoda, what has this world come to?

Unfortunately, during her attempt to murder her own mother, her mother kills her in self-defense!

Killing your own child must be the most painful thing a mother can go through, all in the name of indoda.

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