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Stiletto Vendetta on Kuiertyd

If you love a bit of drama in your life, then Kuiertyd is your destination of choice. Packed with award-winning telenovelas dubbed in Afrikaans, you can’t afford to miss all the drama, action, romance, and Vendettas weekdays from 6:30 PM on eExtra Openview Channel 105.

Here is what you can look forward to on Kuiertyd:

Stiletto Vendetta
Weekdays at 8:30 PM

Stiletto Vendetta is making waves in the 8:30 PM timeslot.

Here is what you have missed…

When Oya moves back into her old neighbourhood, her presence causes friction between her old “friends” Merve, Pelin and Arzu, challenging the order set since high school between the women. As the tension between Oya, Merve and Pelin reaches its peak, even the usually calm Arzu explodes with rage when she finds out that her two best friends have deceived her over her husband’s extramarital “activities.” The four friends, each have their own scores to settle with each other, which brings us to the day of the murder… But who is the guilty one?

Tune in to Kuiertyd between 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM on eExtra channel 105 this February.