Superstore comes to e. |

Superstore comes to e.

Superstore S1 comes to on Saturday, 30 May 2020

From a producer of The Office comes Superstore, a hilarious comedy venturing into the world of retail. Starring America Ferrera from (Ugly Betty) & Ben Feldman from (Mad Men A to Z), the giant megastore is staffed with employees from newbies, the old veterans that have seen it all to the summer hires and the in-it-for-life managers. Together they tackle the day-to-day grind that goes on in a “Superstore.” 

In this season premiere, we explore everything that goes down in the workplace, from work crushes to work politics all of this is showcased in a hilarious, jaw-dropping manner that will have you saying “Is this what really happens in a Superstore??”

Catch Superstore S1 every Saturday on at 7:30PM.