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The return of Zandile Majola

Zandile returns to our world in Season 4 and this time she is a different person. The life she’s led over the past few years has forced her to be a kept woman, she has become a mistress to a very wealthy man and her world is about to be turned upside down when the man’s wife finds out about her, we also come to realise that the reason she was able to keep this man was not because of love but the fact she used muthi to trap him.

Her Blesser strips her of all her fancy things and financial aid, car, money, lavish apartment are all gone. Zandile sets a new plan in motion and her new target is  none other Nkululeko Bhengu, son of Zimele Bhengu, her ex-lover.

With her new target acquired Zandile decides to up the stakes and opts to use something much more permanent and stronger than her current muthi, so that she never has to find herself in the same situation where the power of the muthi diminishes.

So with the help of her Inyanga, Zandile is given a snake, which will grant her all the wealth she desires on one condition she takes very good care of the snake and meets all its sinister demands, This story leads Zandile down a dark path and makes Nkululeko putty in her hands, doing her bidding at every turn. However, Zandile is met with great resistance from the Bhengu family, given her history with Zimele but also they discover that Zandile has a dark hold over Nkululeko causing them to want to aid Nkululeko and break him free from her spell.

This is a major threat to Zandile’s lifestyle, as we also discover Zandile true intentions, which is to help her ill and dying grandmother. But the dark magical world Zandile has entered into has its.

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