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The Umbrella Men streaming on eVOD

Calling all fans of South African comedy! Before "The Umbrella Men: Escape From Robben Island" makes its big debut on 25 April, you can catch up (or relive) the original laugh-out-loud heist film, "The Umbrella Men," streaming on eVOD starting March 28th!

What to Expect in "The Umbrella Men"

Prepare for a side-splitting heist comedy! The story follows Jerome, who inherits his late father's jazz club, The Goema, along with a unique musical group – The Umbrella Men. Unfortunately, the club is facing foreclosure, and Jerome needs a million Rand in just two weeks to save it. With his back against the wall, Jerome hatches a crazy plan: rob the bank!

But there's a twist – Jerome falls for Keisha, who works at the very bank he's planning to rob. Can he keep his heist a secret from the woman he loves? Will Keisha stand by him even if it means breaking the law?

This Robin Hood-inspired caper throws a ragtag group of musicians into a hilarious and high-stakes heist set against the backdrop of a vibrant street carnival. With a plan that's more "hope and a prayer" than meticulous strategy, "The Umbrella Men" is a guaranteed good time.

So, don't miss your chance to catch "The Umbrella Men" on eVOD starting March 28th! It's the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming sequel, "The Umbrella Men: Escape From Robben Island," and get your fill of South African comedic genius.

What is eVOD?

eVOD is a South African video-on-demand platform offering a wide variety of movies and shows. It's easy to access and perfect for catching up on the latest releases or hidden gems like "The Umbrella Men."

How to Stream "The Umbrella Men" on eVOD:

Download the eVOD App: Search for "eVOD" in your app store (Android or iOS) and download the free app.

Sign Up or Sign In: If you're a new user, you'll need to create a free account. Existing users can simply sign in with their login information.

Find "The Umbrella Men": Browse the eVOD library or search for "The Umbrella Men" specifically.

Start Streaming! Once you've located the film, simply click "play" and settle in for a hilarious adventure.