This week on Isiphetho - Blondie’s Truth |
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This week on Isiphetho - Blondie’s Truth

Mother's Day brings a wave of emotional turmoil for Blondie. As the world celebrates mothers, Blondie grapples with a secret that weighs heavily on her heart.

Blondie has always felt a void when it comes to her long-lost daughter 

A Yearning for Truth: Witnessing the joy of others surrounded by their mothers on this special day triggers a profound longing in Blondie. The hollowness she feels compels her to take a life-altering step – confessing the truth to Portia.

Will the Secret be Revealed?: Blondie gathers her courage and approaches her siblings, seeking their support in revealing the truth to Portia. The upcoming episode will be a turning point for Blondie's journey. Will she finally unburden herself and come clean to Portia?

Uncertainties and Consequences: The revelation has the potential to shatter lives and rewrite family dynamics. Will Portia be receptive to this life-changing truth? How will it affect her relationship with Connie in the picture, who raised her as her own?

Tune in to witness Blondie's emotional turmoil and the potential consequences of her truth-seeking mission. Will this Mother's Day spark a long-overdue reunion, or will the truth lead to further complications? Don't miss a single moment of this captivating drama! Weeknights at 6.30PM