This week on Rhythm City

The focus is on Rene, she’s backed into a corner and has to respond to the question. Where is the baby?

Rene is stunned when Kop arrives at her doorstep with a sangoma to perform the ancestral ritual. Mzi manages to convince her to do it but things quickly turn sour when the sangoma ask about the baby.

Suffo confronts Khulekani about ordering a hit on him and the battle lines are drawn between the unlikely allies.

Rene reaches out to Blossom and tries to make peace with Kop. Fats tries to speak some sense into Mzi about Rene.

Suffocate tries to get the dirt on Khulekani out of his rent boy. Madikgetla loses the case because of her association with Suffo. Khulekani and his family face Theo’s upcoming birthday without him.

Puleng grows more suspicious of Madikgetla. Robert rubs Madikgetla’s nose in the case - which he’s now taken over. She becomes motivated to advance her career - and meets an informant who has new and incriminating evidence against Suffo.

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