Cheese in The Trap Season 1 |
eSERIES Channel 109

Cheese in The Trap Season 1

9:00 pm


There are 4% of sociopaths living on earth. So, how much percentage do you think it is to fall in love with one? Yoo Jung is a sociopath who looks perfectly normal, or maybe too ideally normal. 

Hong Seol is a diligent over-achieving university student with a keen sense. She feels that Yoo Jung does not like her but can't tell exactly why. 

However, all of a sudden, he starts to act friendly. Not knowing why, Hong Seol begins to feel attracted to him. But, as time goes by, she still can't erase the feeling that something is wrong. Will their feelings for each other last?

Cheese in The Trap Season 1, Sundays 9pm. Openview eSeries channel 109.

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