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Een Wit Leuen

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A Single Dad, a Longing Daughter, and a Fake Mom: "Een Wit Leuen" Lands on eVOD

Get ready for a heartwarming and hilarious story about family, second chances, and the lengths we go to for love! The brand new show "Een Wit Leuen" (Afrikaans for "One White Lie") has arrived on eVOD, and it's sure to capture your heart.

Nejat is a young, successful man raising his daughter Kayra alone. His wife Aylin left after Kayra's birth, leaving Nejat heartbroken but determined to be the best dad he can be. Kayra, however, has one burning question - where is her mom? Nejat, unable to bear the truth, tells her fantastical stories of her mother working on important projects in Africa.

As Kayra starts school, her longing for her mother intensifies. With her birthday approaching, Nejat remembers a lie he told her years ago - that her mother would return on her sixth birthday. Now faced with the harsh reality, Nejat must find a way to break the news to his daughter.

Enter Suna, a young woman with a dream of reopening her late mother's pastry shop. However, her family is on the brink of losing everything due to her brother's debt. When Nejat, searching for a commercial shoot location, stumbles upon their cafe, a misunderstanding throws them together.

Fate takes an unexpected turn when Suna ends up spending the night at Nejat's house. The next day, Kayra mistakes Suna for her mother, and Nejat, desperate to avoid breaking his daughter's heart, hatches a wild plan. He proposes a deal, Suna can be Kayra's temporary "rental mom" in exchange for him paying off her family's debt.

As they navigate this hilarious charade, their fake family grows closer, and their lives become intertwined in ways they never imagined. But can they keep up the lie forever? Will Nejat find the courage to tell Kayra the truth? And what about the spark that keeps growing between Nejat and Suna?

"Een Wit Leuen" is a delightful blend of humour, drama, and heartwarming moments. Don't miss this captivating story about family, love, and the stories we tell ourselves, on eVOD now!