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From Trophy Wife to Ruthless Tycoon: The Phoenix Rises on eVOD This July 16th

Prepare to be hooked by a story of betrayal, ambition, and the fight for redemption. The highly anticipated series, The Phoenix, premieres on eVOD on July 16th. This gripping drama will take you on a rollercoaster ride as a young woman, Kholeka, navigates the treacherous world of cannabis farming.

From Accused to Aspiring Empire Builder

The story unfolds with the shocking murder of a wealthy farming tycoon. Kholeka, his young and seemingly materialistic wife, becomes the prime suspect. But beneath the surface, Kholeka possesses a strength and resilience no one anticipated. She fights tirelessly to clear her name, and in the process, finds an unlikely ally in Mawande, her late husband's confidant.

A World Dominated by Men

Together, Kholeka and Mawande embark on a mission to not only prove her innocence but also rebuild the crumbling empire. Stepping into a male-dominated industry rife with corruption, Kholeka must sweat blood to earn respect and prove her worth. She's determined to rise above the label of "trophy wife" and demonstrate her sharp business acumen.

Love, Lies, and a Shocking Discovery

As Kholeka navigates this ruthless world, she finds herself falling for Mawande, the one person who stood by her side. However, a shocking revelation throws everything into question. Kholeka discovers a link between Mawande and her husband's killers, forcing her to confront a devastating truth.

The Ultimate Test: Wealth, Love, or Identity?

Caught in a web of deceit, Kholeka must make a heart-wrenching choice – embrace a dangerous love, pursue wealth and power at any cost, or embark on a journey of self-discovery. But just as she grapples with these decisions, another challenge emerges. The illegitimate child of her late husband appears, demanding a stake in the empire Kholeka has fought so hard to protect.

The Phoenix: A Story of Transformation

The Phoenix is a captivating tale of transformation. It's a story about defying expectations, embracing one's true potential, and rising from the ashes stronger than ever before.

Mark your calendars for July 16th and prepare to be enthralled by The Phoenix, only on eVOD!