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Queen Of Crypto, The Visionary, Victim Or Villain

9:20 pm


In an age rich in fakes, phonies, and fraudsters, only one scammer has the dubious honour of making both the FBI and Interpol's 2022 Most Wanted Lists. After exploiting the cryptocurrency boom for a fortune in what The Times called 'one of the biggest scams in history', she disappeared without a trace - along with billions of dollars. 

The whole world wants to know: where is Ruja Ignatova? In what may be the year's most riveting true-crime docuseries, writer and director team Rudolph Herzog and Raid Sabbah gain exclusive access to whistle-blowers, her victims, high-level experts, and more as they search across the globe, uncovering shocking revelations, real-time insights, and explosive leaked documents. 

As the case becomes more and more complex, Ruja's secrets unravel. The series reveals a woman who - even now - some still believe to be a visionary with messiah-like status; some that she is the victim of greater, more shadowy criminal powers, and some that she is, without doubt, the ruthless villain behind the ultimate crypto heist of all time.

Fridays at 9:20PM from 23 February Queen Of Crypto, The: Visionary, Victim Or Villain

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