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Storage Wars

9:25 pm


Storage unit auctions are the newest and biggest untapped source for hidden treasures, and opportunistic individuals bid on unclaimed properties hoping to strike gold. Welcome to Storage Wars. In this character driven treasure hunt, bidders range from twenty something's out for fun and adventure - willing to say or do anything to win - to husband & wife teams looking to make fast and large cash....and all are prepared to create quite the drama in the process. It's a dramatic environment as the bidders assess if they think the unit is worth a bid... and how high they will actually go. 


In each self-contained episode of Storage Wars, our cast of characters head to storage units and wait anxiously for the big reveal of what is behind the door. The owner of the facility will cut the lock to a delinquent unit and raise the door for the first time, allowing bidders to peer inside for a brief moment, aided only by a flashlight. This short glimpse is their only opportunity to evaluate whether or not they think the unit holds rags or riches. Then, the bidding begins. One of the most successful auctioneers in the country (not to mention the most outrageous!) drives the action, and with the cast of characters who are our regular bidders, its an outcome not to be missed.

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