Superstore Season 3 |

Superstore Season 3

7:30 pm


In the aftermath of the tornado the store has been rebuilt and it’s time for the grand reopening. But a few weeks later, the staff finds the body of Sal inside a wall of the store!

Season 3 delves into some weighty issues - from health care to bullying to trying to make it on social media. Glenn and his wife decide they want to have a baby and ask one of the employees to be the surrogate. Dina gladly accepts.

Meanwhile, can the on-off relationship between Mateo and Jeff survive the storm till the season ends?

Jeff leaves Cloud 9 only to find his way back to his job there and he tries to make the store better.

But, Amy and Jonah's relationship will be key this season, from kissing during the season 2 finale to Jonah being in a relationship with a new employee, Kelly.