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The Umbrella Men: Escape from Robben Island

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After pulling off the ultimate heist in the original "The Umbrella Men," Jerome, Morty, Mila, Keisha, and Auntie Val thought they could finally enjoy the good life. But their celebrations are cut short when the villainous Tariek enters the scene with sinister plans.

Before they know it, Jerome and Morty find themselves locked up in the infamous Robben Island Prison, while Keisha, Mila, and Auntie Val are left to hatch an audacious plan to bust them out. However, their troubles are just beginning as Tariek's ambitions grow more diabolical by the minute, threatening world domination!

In this action-packed, music-filled sequel, our favorite crew of accidental criminals must band together once more, using all their wits and talents to take down Tariek, clear their names, and finally make it back home to the Bo Kaap as free men.

Get ready for an over-the-top adventure filled with laughs, twists, and Cape Town's infectious spirit. Don't miss the official trailer for "The Umbrella Men: Escape from Robben Island" – the ultimate caper that will have you rooting for the underdogs until the very end.

 'The Umbrella Men: Escape from Robben Island' is officially hitting eVOD on April 25th, and you won't want to miss a beat.

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The Umbrella Men: Escape from Robben Island