About the show

Every Monday at 9:30PM.

Umlilo is set against a the backdrop of a moderately affluent but polygamous household. Mnqobi (played by Hamilton Dhlamini) was married to Cebisile (played by Gcina Mkhize), who was his childhood sweetheart from their rural village in KwaZulu Natal. He is also married to Dumile (played by Nokuthula Ledwaba), who is a city girl born and raised in Soweto. Things changed in the home when a potential new wife, Khwezi (played by Nomzamo Mbatha), was brought into the fold. Someone was out to settle a score and it was up to the family to decide to stick together or crack under pressure.

Umlilo Season One was a dark brooding, suspenseful drama. We watched Dumile struggling to stop Khwezi from infiltrating her family, always finding herself one step behind her nemesis.

In Season Two we turned up the heat as Khwezi and Welcome put their plan for vengeance into action, and Dumile raced to discover their true identity. At the end, the Simelane family was left in in tatters. Cebisile was dead, Andile and Phindi both narrowly escaped death, Mnqobi’s business was ruined, his assets seized and he shot his only remaining wife, Dumile.

Welcome to Season Three

Mnqobi tries his best to get his life and business back on track. Thembi, previously known as Khwezi, looks to get out of prison and away from the Simelanes. Dumile works on getting her life together, all the while looking for answers as she still thinks Thembi is a threat. Spikiri wants answers over the loss of his child and the hurt he caused Dumile. Andile is off to university and looking to start a new chapter in her life away from all the drama. The Minister is also back and looking for revenge, as Mnqobi did him wrong, and an interesting plot unfolds between him and Spikiri.