The defense argues that Thembi has been nothing but a victim of her uncle's revenge plot.

S 3 | E 9

Air date: 16/05/16


In an attempt to bring stability to the family, Dumile decides to formally adopt Phindi and she legally remarries Mnqobi at a cold, formal wedding.

S 3 | E 8

Air date: 09/05/16


George's suggestion of a prenuptial agreement creates turmoil between Jenny and Lionel -- and George is loving every minute of it.

S 3 | E 8

Air date: 16/12/13


Both sides are confident of a win as the trial gets underway.

S 3 | E 7

Air date: 02/05/16


Mnqobi pleads for Dumil to move back in with the family.

S 3 | E 5

Air date: 18/04/16


Desperate to turn over a new leaf, Mnqobi organizes a cleansing ceremony.

S 3 | E 4

Air date: 11/04/16


With Thembi's bail hearing is coming up, she begins to wrap her lawyer Vuyo Vilikazi around her finger.

S 3 | E 3

Air date: 04/04/16


Broke and drinking heavily, Mnqobi tries to figure out how to get his life back together.

S 3 | E 2

Air date: 28/03/16


When Mnqobi fails to show up for his own engagement party, Palesa and Dumile discover that he went chasing after Welcome.

S 3 | E 13

Air date: 13/06/16


Mnqobi's uncles hear some disturbing rumors about Palesa which might impact on the wedding plans.

S 3 | E 12

Air date: 06/06/16


Welcome is distraught to first discover the Simelane family largely unharmed, and then to learn his own niece Thembi was responsible for getting him

S 3 | E 11

Air date: 30/05/16


Wesley's testimony exposes Thembi's 'victim defense' to be a pack of lies.

S 3 | E 10

Air date: 23/05/16


Dumile wakes in hospital, having lost the baby.

S 3 | E 1

Air date: 21/03/16


Jared proposes to Amy, much to Brandon's dismay.

S 2 | E 9

Air date: 20/04/14


S 2 | E 24

Air date: 04/12/13


Yo Gabba Gabba!

S 2 | E 214

Air date: 27/11/14


With a new identity, Fabian tries to establish a new life where no one knows him. He meets a woman who is willing to take him in.

S 2 | E 2

Air date: 06/05/15


TK is furiously trying to figure out who posted the sex tape of him and Andile online.

S 1 | E 9

Air date: 27/04/15


Mnqobi has lost patience with Dumile's increasingly erratic behavior. He demands she sign the divorce papers and sets a date to marry Khwezi.

S 1 | E 8

Air date: 20/04/15


Dumile is determined to sabotage her husband's engagement. Welcome employs two fake Uncles to handle the Lobola negotiations.

S 1 | E 7

Air date: 16/03/15


Dumile throws away her contraceptive pills, resolved to fall pregnant and give Mnqobi the heir he has always wanted.

S 1 | E 6

Air date: 06/04/15


Khwezi's hired Uncles have been briefed on her invented history, and negotiations get underway.

S 1 | E 5

Air date: 30/03/15


Mnqobi's Uncles arrive to begin lobola negotiations, when Dumile discovers that it's customary to get both wives' blessing on the union

S 1 | E 4

Air date: 23/03/15


The Minister proves just how connected he is and it looks like he and Mnqobi will walk free and that Spikiri's investigation will have been for n

S 1 | E 26

Air date: 02/11/15


Dumile and Spikiri finally put the last few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

S 1 | E 25

Air date: 26/10/15


Mnqobi's accounts are frozen and it looks like he will lose his business.

S 1 | E 23

Air date: 12/10/15


The cops finally raid the Simelane trucks, discover the weapons and arrest Mnqobi and TK.

S 1 | E 22

Air date: 05/10/15


Having discovered that Spikiri is actually a cop who used her to get access to her family, Dumile is still furious with him.

S 1 | E 21

Air date: 28/09/15


A picture of Khwezi in the social pages brings old friends out of the woodwork, and Dumile finally discovers her adversary's real name.

S 1 | E 20

Air date: 21/09/15


When Khwezi finds Spikiri searching the Simelane trucks it becomes clear that they both have secret agendas, and they form an uneasy alliance, based o

S 1 | E 19

Air date: 14/09/15


Against her better judgment, Dumile is driven into the arms of Spikiri by Mnqobi's rage.

S 1 | E 18

Air date: 07/09/15


Andile is lost without her mother and to make matters worse Mnqobi and Andile are no longer on speaking terms.

S 1 | E 17

Air date: 31/08/15


The Simelane house is in mourning, a week after Cebisile's funeral, but Khwezi and her Uncle Welcome are already looking for the next opportunity

S 1 | E 16

Air date: 24/08/15


Mnqobi returns from his business trip to find Cebisile gravely ill and TK talking to a journalist about company business.

S 1 | E 15

Air date: 17/08/15


A week after the wedding Mnqobi springs a big surprise on his wives: the Simelane's are moving to a new home, to accommodate all three of them.

S 1 | E 14

Air date: 10/08/15


Today is Milo’s birthday and he is preparing a party to celebrate with his friends.

S 1 | E 13

Air date: 19/08/14


It is days before the wedding and preparations are well underway.

S 1 | E 12

Air date: 18/05/15


While Khwezi is winning Andile's loyalty by setting up a fake virginity test, Dumile finds an unlikely ally in her sister-wife Cebisile.

S 1 | E 11

Air date: 11/05/15


Mnqobi finds the dossier Dumile's been building up on Khwezi he hits the roof.

S 1 | E 10

Air date: 04/05/15