Isono - The Sin | Dead But Not Forgotten

Isono - The Sin

It’s been weeks now since Mary has been trying to manipulate a reluctant Gabriel into taking action to eliminate Pastor Duma, who, in Mary’s twisted evil eyes, has become a thorn in their side.

But instead of killing Duma, Gabriel gives him the chance to run away. While all of this is happening, Abednego reaches out to Gabriel, his long-lost friend and lover, with the intention of making a move from Gazati's camp to Vorster's side.

This move forces Gabriel to plead with Mary on Abednego's behalf. Will Gabriel’s plea succeed? Will Mary forgive and forget?

The pinnacle this week is when Mary confesses that she is Mr. Vorster and Abednego finally gives into Mary’s request to make done with Pastor Duma.

Hectic Drama Nine-Nine, on ISONO, weekdays, 8:30PM. If you think Mother Mary is anything to go by, you should see what the Kubeka family is capable of on SCANDAL!.