Scandal! The End |

Scandal! The End

The Kubeka family goes through turmoil with Mukuna as he starts to take over the business logistics and they come together to begin strategizing how best to take him down.

Mukuna instructs Zenzele to go pick up a girl who has been human trafficked.

As the story unfolds, Mukuna finds himself in various circumstances that eventually lead to his end at the hands of the Kubekas.

Zenzele decided to protect his family this whole time and played his best manipulative game. Mukuna killed Skhumba in front of Zenzele, but Zenzele was smart enough to record it to use as leverage. Now, he has sent it to the family to help take down Mukuna.

The Kubekas struck a nerve with Mukuna and finally have evidence to take him away for good. But for Mukuna this is not over and he plans to take down the Kubekas one by one. The man fears nothing and knows exactly what he wants. Let the war begin!

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