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SA's Got Talent Recap

30 August 2013
SA's Got Talent Recap

Great vocals, magnificent performances, wrong songs and misplaced talent...

Singers, dancers, bands and newsreaders battled it out in the first episode of season four of SA’s Got Talent.

African Jazz dancer, Juandre Nortje from Pretoria kicked off the show with his version of African Jazz for which he won silver and bronze medals in Los Angeles. But our judges felt his dancing skills still needed a lot of improvement.

The Bambanani Brass Band from Alexandra progressed into the next round after a unique brass band music and dance performance. Shado said they perfected an act that would have otherwise been boring.

Kagiso in West Rand was represented by the new old school Lyrical Swag duo that raps and sings at the same time. They enchanted the judges with their striking rendition of a Setswana old school chorus mixed with rap. Even Ian who doesn’t like rap said the performance was magnificent and sang along with Shado.

The judges didn’t agree on the group Hashtag. Ian thought the group was off-tune while Kabelo and Shado enjoyed their unique soul music, which was enough to see the Free State group go through to the next round.

Johnny Apple concluded the episode with a standing ovation from the audience when he sang Adele’s “One and Only”. Ian, Shado and Kabelo were captivated and Johnny Apple scored the first “fan-tas-tic” for this season.

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