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#Empire: Laz is exposed!

17 August 2016

Cookie and Laz Delgado’s whirlwind romance comes to an end. 

First, Laz’s crew, Big Heavy, shows up and wants to shake Cookie down for more money, but because Laz actually does seem to be in love with her, he says the deal is off. 

Then, Lucious finally finds out about Laz when Cookie kisses him passionately in front of him. Of course, Lucious makes it his mission to uncover the truth about Laz. 

He reveals to Cookie and Hakeem that Laz is a member of a group called the 125th Street Bulls, the same guys who kidnapped Hakeem.

Cookie takes Laz’s gun and gives it to Lucious, who gives Laz a look that seems to suggest he’s about to die…

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