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Ultimate Braai Master: Meet the judges

2 February 2017

Season 5 of Ultimate Braai Master starts this Sunday, 5 February at 4PM and this year two renowned chefs join the show!

The two chefs Peter Goffe-Wood and Benny Masekwameng are no strangers to reality cooking shows. Having been a familiar and firm favourite on a variety of South African cooking shows, they’re taking their judging to another level by joining host, Justin Bonello for the 5th season of Ultimate Braai Master. And we can’t wait to see what they will bring to the BRAAI! 

Justin Bonello

Cook, author and TV producer Justin is famous for pioneering his own cooking show called Cooked. Along with being the creative director and host of Ultimate Braai Master, he has also released seven cooking books under his name and co-owns Cooked in Africa Films, which produces the show.  

Pete Goffe-Wood

Celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood made his mark on the Cape Town food scene back in the early 90’s when fusion food was still a novelty in South Africa. His bold and brave Asian-European- and African-inspired combo creations raised local food eyebrows. CEO of Kitchen Cowboys, Pete has a unique approach and understanding of food and flavours, which is what makes his judging style a valuable asset to several South African cooking shows.

Benny Masekwameng

South African celebrity chef Benny was born and bred in Alexandra, Johannesburg. With a passion for food graduated from what is now the Durban University of Technology with a diploma in catering management. He’s currently the Executive Chef at the exquisite Tsogo Sun, but is renowned for his work as a food judge on several SA cooking shows, including Ultimate Braai Master.  

Don’t miss the premiere episode of Ultimate Braai Master season 5 on Sunday, 5 February at 4PM. #UBM5