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Damon contacts Yvonne

Lwazi Mluma |
13 February 2017

He calls to tell Yvonne he’s been framed. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.

As Yvonne is busy weeping her sorrows away, she receives a call. It’s from Damon calling from Cape Town. Damon apologises to her, but she wants to know where he’s at and he refuses to tell.

Damon only tells Yvonne he’s safe and has been framed. Yvonne is enraged that Damon is not being open with her. But what angers her the most is the fact that he left her with a hefty hotel bill to pay.

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Damon is not impressed that Yvonne’s biggest concern is the money and not his innocence. In fact, when Yvonne asks how she’ll survive, Damon tells her she’s a big girl and a survivor. Tjoo!

Before hanging up the call, Damon assures Yvonne that he’ll clear his name and come back for her. He also tells Yvonne how much he loves her.

Is Damon really innocent?

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