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This week on Rhythm City

5 June 2017

Cuba puts pressure on Puleng, Sabelo has to miss work to take care of Dineo and David is charmed by a woman named Pearl. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.


Sindiswa is sowing unhappiness with Dumisani. Sabelo tries to persuade Kop to take in the kids.  Cuba puts pressure on Puleng. Lerato shocks Rene by announcing the release date of the album. Flavia offers Roberto an opportunity to destroy David.


Rene is under pressure to finish her album. Dineo comes home. Pearl makes contact with TK, Speshil and Bash at Kilowatt, looking for a job.


Sabelo has to miss work to take care of Dineo. Roberto puts pressure on Pearl to get into Zer011. Pearl meets David – and she totally charms him.

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David realizes that Pearl tried to steal from him. Toolkit is peeved to see Pearl attracting attention with Zer011 customers. Lungile grows increasingly annoyed with Bongi. Mapula forces Dineo on Sabelo and refuses to quit school.


Lerato takes Lungi’s advice. Roberto puts Pearl under pressure. Flavia gives Tina a gift - but it comes with strings attached. Sabelo and Sindiswa’s relationship gets back on track.

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