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Lawrence gets real with Bontle

Lwazi Mluma |
16 June 2017

We got Lawrence to dig a little deeper into who Bontle really is. #Club808, Fridays at 6PM.

Looks can be deceiving. Bontle may look like an ordinary girl next door, but she’s definitely not. Apart from being an actress and a television presenter, the 26 year old is also a choreographer.

“I’m an experience. People don’t know a lot about me and I think that’s the fun part about this experience,” she explains.

“You’re going to get to know me. Everybody is going to get to know who I am. And, it’s gonna be in the best and most fun way possible” she adds.

Bontle says she’s excited about joining Club 808 and viewers should expect juice, sauce and fire in one concoction. Letting us in on a little secret about her, she explains she has a displaced heart and it’s not where it should be.

Watch the rest of the interview below to find out more about Bontle, her playlist and her take on the global music industry.

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