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The Langas secret revealed

Lwazi Mluma |
7 July 2017

The whole truth about how Siseko grew up Xhosa and Hector Tswana is revealed. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Now that we’ve met all the Langas, we think it’s the right time to reveal why they have so much contempt towards the Thebe’s and why Lulama hates Yvonne so much.

So, Lulama was once Julius Thebe’s mistress. Julius was married to Mamelo who couldn’t have children at the time.

Lulama fell pregnant and gave birth to a son she named Kingsley. And at the same time, Mamelo gave birth to a boy who Julius named Hector.

But it didn’t take long for Mamelo to discover the mistress. She then forbade the relationship, declared a war between the Thebes and the Langas. Lulama took Kingsley with her.

Julius then kidnapped Kingsley. But soon afterwards, Lulama stole her son back and hid him from the Thebes. Kingsley was brought up in the Eastern Cape and his name was changed to Siseko.

This betrayal was further fuelled by Yvonne and Hector when they broke Siseko’s heart.

Tjoo! So much thrilling drama!

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