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First look at Seputla Segobodi on Broken Vows

Nandipha Pantsi |
17 July 2017

Veteran actor Seputla Segobodi will make his debut on Broken Vows tonight.

The drama on Broken Vows is about to get intense! We all know that Seputla is a brilliant actor who never ceases to amaze us when he’s on screen. So we can’t wait to see him on Broken Vows tonight. 

Here’s what we know about his character, Shona so far.

He knows Lydia from back in the day.

He’s a politician who is in the running to be a ward councillor in Tembisa.

As part of his election campaign, he promises to make water purification a priority.

He even has a plan on how to ensure safe drinking water for everyone in Tembisa, using a “complicated purification process.”

Is Shona an honest politician or is he up something sinister?

Don’t miss Seputla on Broken Vows tonight!

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