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SA's Got Talent takes 'hair-raising' to a new level

12 September 2017

With the premiere of the new season already delivering a Golden Buzzer, the bar has been set higher than ever before. SA’s Got Talent, Sundays at 6:05PM.

And episode 2 is not going to disappoint either. 

Thousands of contestants from across SA lined up to bid for stardom on the 8th season of the country’s most-watched reality talent search competition and this week’s show delivers unique and diverse talents that will blow the judges away.

This week you can expect the unexpected from circus acts, comedic singers, mouth-trumpeters, masked dance groups, a blind DJ with a rap artist and unbelievable ‘smoke artists’. Cape Town's 'Actionarte' defies gravity in a spine-tingling performance 

Pretoria's Elpee 'paints' a special tribute to judge Jamie Bartlett with candle smoke. 

SA's Got Talent prides itself on showing off a scale and scope of unprecedented talents from across the country. Talent comes in many shapes and forms – but some provide more comic relief than they were supposed to – but Mzansi never disappoints when it comes to providing enough awe-inspiring acts to make progressing to the later rounds a major achievement. Watch the country’s most talented future superstars take centre stage this Sunday at 6:05PM on SA's Got Talent. 

DJ Darkness and Zakly prove that any odds can be overcome with their funky tracks. 

Watch SA’s Got Talent, Sundays at 6:05PM. Follow the show on Twitter and like the Facebook page. #SAGT