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#Hostages: Suspicious Minds

Tebogo Rapoone |
13 September 2017

Duncan plans to get rid of Sandrine after he discovers the bombs. Hostages, Wednesdays at 8:30PM.

Duncan exploits Sandrine and Blair’s relationship to track down the safe house where Nina and Sawyer are being held.

Have the tables officially turned against Duncan?

Vanessa informs Duncan that her relationship with Blair is strained and he’d have to kill him to get his family back.

Meanwhile, Ellen meets up with the President and his wife, she talks to the First Lady about smuggling the president’s bone marrow out of the hospital after surgery.

Brian and Morgan also encounter a problem while trying to meet up with Jake. Brian then decides to eliminate any obstacle in their way just to encounter a bigger problem at Jake’s cabin.

Are Duncan and the crew still working with each other?

Watch Hostages, Wednesdays at 8:30PM. #Hostages