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#ChicagoPD: Ruzek is on the warpath

17 October 2017

When a young activist turns up dead, Ruzek makes it his mission to find out what happened to her. Chicago P.D. Tuesdays at 8:30PM. 

Tonight, Ruzek works undercover with a group of environmental extremists who plan to protest with other groups against a World Center conference taking place in the city.

Ruzek’s been undercover for two weeks and befriends one of his fellow activists, Felicia. They exchange phone numbers and go their separate ways.

However, back at the police station, he receives a message from Felicia who asks him to come to a hotel because she needs his help. Just as he and Olinsky get to the hotel, Felicia falls from a window.

An angry Ruzek finds the room Felicia fell from and discovers it belongs to Argentine ambassador, Fabian Sosa, who’s in town for the conference.

Can Ruzek get to the bottom of what happened to Felicia and why she was at the hotel?

Catch Chicago P.D. at 8:30PM. #ChicagoPD