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Khosi wants to exit Pharaoh Investments

Lwazi Mluma |
22 October 2017

After making so much money from the pyramid scheme, Khosi has had enough. Easy Money, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

Khosi believes that she doesn’t need more than she’s already acquired from Pharaoh Investments. But more than anything, she feels guilty to have lured so many people into the scheme. She believes that they’re already indebted and she can’t allow more people to get into investments they can’t afford.

When Leano tells Mr. Eddy the sad news, he forces him to make a plan so that they can keep their top-selling member. But Mr. Eddy is afraid that if Khosi leaves, they can’t afford to give her a big payout.

So, just when she’s about to take her money and leave, they offer her a seat at the Diamond Board and a luxurious car.

Will she stay?

Meanwhile, Zee is disappointed when her mother does not believe that she’ll be able to renovate their Soweto house. This pushes her to work harder into selling Pharaoh Investment shares.

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