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Hangman on e.tv

10 November 2017

Hangman, which debuted early in October, is an interactive show that sets a benchmark in the genre with its ground-breaking viewer immersion model.

Cell C in partnership with Blink Pictures have made broadcast history as Hangman is South Africa’s first digitally engaged platform.

“Hangman brings together traditional TV viewing with the growing demand for mobile content. Not only does Hangman support innovation and allow individuals to take their business forward, but it also provides viewers the ability to watch when and how they want, be it live on television or later via the mobile app,” says Cell C Chief Executive of Content, Surie Ramasary. 

“This is the marriage of unscripted television, with gaming and real-time content streaming,” says Executive Producer, Odette Schwegler. 

Cameras start rolling early on Sunday morning capturing the reality as contestants are pushed to the limits with gruelling tasks. While the public are invited to participate in the show with real-time advice and support on the Cell C Reality app and they can support their favourite team by buying virtual shares in the Exchange.

Centred around a search for SA’s gutsiest innovator, Hangman embarked on a nationwide search for contestants. Entries were almost exclusively done via the Cell C Reality app, which is currently an online curated portal for the show.

And if viewers want to get in on the action and make their way in front of cameras, that’s completely possible by using the App where you can offer help and support via a video message to the contestants. 

“This is a reality show that not only provides content and interactivity but also brings new innovators and entrepreneurs into the South African market and showcases their conceptual innovations. What we are really excited about is that we can bring entertainment on demand on a mobile application to binge-watch on previous episodes,” says Ramasary.

Watch the trailer below:

Catch Hangman, Sundays at 11:50AM with repeats on eExtra, Wednesdays at 7:30PM.