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Khosi wants more from Leano

Lwazi Mluma |
14 November 2017

She is tired of being Leano’s dirty secret and wants him to take her to his house. Easy Money, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

Khosi and Leano have been having an affair for a while now. These two have had chemistry since the day they met. It came as no surprise that they acted on it immediately.

What Khosi doesn’t know is that Leano is also sleeping with Dipuo. Dipuo on the other hand has been noticing that Khosi and Leano are sleeping together and has confronted her a couple of times.

Khosi’s husband, Justice, hasn’t noticed that his wife is having an affair.

But now, Khosi feels like she’s Leano’s dirty little secret and doesn’t understand why they have to meet in hotel rooms all the time. She wants Leano to take her to his house.

Very ironic for a married woman.

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