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Top 5 moments from #etvRoots

28 November 2017

What an epic and emotional finale! All the slaves were freed, and George and his family started a new life in Tennessee.

Our Mondays will never be the same again now that our favourite miniseries Roots has come to an end. Sniff sniff

But before our emotions get the better of us, let’s take a look back at some of our favourite scenes!

Here are our 5 biggest moments:

1. Kunta Kinte’s naming ceremony.

2. The brutal scene where Kunta gets whipped.

3. Confident Kizzy coming head-to-head with her father.

4. An emotional George telling Master Tom he’s a free man.

5. The naming ceremony of Tom’s daughter – the first Kinte born free in America.

What were your favourite scenes?