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This week on Broken Vows

4 December 2017

Azania decides to make extreme changes to her life, Ace threatens to spill secrets and Damian gets a worrying call. Broken Vows, weekdays at 6:30PM.

Ace threatens to spill someone’s secrets. Thandi has to make a difficult decision. Azania decides to make extreme changes to her life. Damian is determined to have a South African-themed Christmas.

Azania makes a decision that has a ripple effect on the staff of YTWC. Thandi and Uhuru struggle under the dark cloud hanging over them. Lulu questions someone’s loyalty.

Chris offers up some fatherly advice. Uhuru’s frustrations with his father bubble over, forcing him to make a decision that could change his life. Damian gets a worrying call from a social worker.

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Thandi and Lulu face off. Damian learns sad news about Oratile, but Charmaine leaves him with encouraging words. Uhuru accepts a potentially dangerous offer. Azania tries to play a game with Chris.

Lebo makes every effort to impress before embarking on a campaign to patch up a friendship. Meanwhile, Uhuru is determined to leave for a new opportunity – and Ace believes only Thandi can stop him from going. Azania and Chris disagree about Chloe, and Brandon finally reveals the extent of his plot.

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