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Mind control experiments on #TheBlacklist

7 February 2018

Red tells Liz to investigate a housewife in Reston who killed a bank manager as a result of government mind control experiments. The Blacklist, Wednesdays at 8:30PM.

According to Red, there have been seven random acts of violence in the last four months, by people with no past history of violence.

After interviewing the housewife, Madeline Thornhill’s boss, ex-boyfriend and bank employees, Ressler and Elizabeth establish that anonymous accusations resulted in her life falling apart.

After running DNA profiles on people with similar behaviour, Liz, Ressler, and Amar discover that all of them had the MAO-A2R gene, which makes people prone to extreme, antisocial behavior.

Can they get to the bottom of this MAO-A2R gene before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Red is trying to convince his ex-wife, Naomi, and her husband, Frank, to change their identities and start a new life.

But Naomi isn’t interested in Red’s protection. Will Red be able to convince them otherwise?

Find out on The Blacklist at 8:30PM. #TheBlacklist