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This week on Imbewu: The Seed

20 June 2018

Zakithi is suspended, Shria is voted acting CEO and Macingwane is back. Imbewu: The Seed, weekdays at 9:30PM.

Both Zithulele and MaZulu try to talk some sense into Zakhiti. MaNdlovu blames Zakhiti for the crisis at Maluju and Macingwane is spooked when he sees Phakade in Umbumbulu.

Bangizwe takes a stand against Zakithi and refuses to back down. ThuSheleni cleans himself up for Nomusa, but learns from Zithulele that she’s not that kind of girl. MaZulu establishes the real reason MaNdlovu is calling a board meeting, and warns Nganono of her true motivations. NaMadonsela asks Futhi outright about the letter. And Phakade is informed by Macingwane of a crisis in the family which forces him to seek it out.

Zakithi’s forcible removal of Maluju staff hits newspaper headlines, triggering a board meeting. MaNdlovu wants to appoint Nganono as acting CEO, but her plan is derailed when the board vote for Shria instead. MaZulu angrily confronts MaNdlovu, accusing her of being responsible for Maluju not having a Bhengu at the helm for the first time in its history. Meanwhile, ThuSheleni is distressed to learn that Zenzele is trying out for a bar job at Emsamo.

This is what happened last week on Imbewu: The Seed.

Mira feels that Shria posting on Twitter about being acting-CEO is going too far. Phakade assures Futhi he'll speak to NaMadonsela, but she now fears her mother may be right. Nirupa warns Shria against doing anything crazy at Maluju. There’s a small fight between MaZulu and MaNdlovu regarding Zakithi’s coming to breakfast. Lindiwe pulls out the high-heels to snag Zenzele. Futhi Googles her destination and is horrified with all the dangers that await. Macingwane reveals that the fake ritual done for Buhle was not approved by ancestors.

Phakade is relieved to learn that Macingwane cannot expose his secret but devastated to learn that there is still no way around the Umemulo. Shria gets things back to normal at Maluju by reinstating the workers’ 13th cheque and rescinding the bonus. Nganono congratulates her, but refuses her offer to come back to the fold. Futhi grows desperate to reconcile with her mother and begins doubting pursuing the scholarship as her mother’s fears about life overseas take stronger hold. The gloves come off between Lindiwe and Nomusa in their battle for Zenzele.

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