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David Genaro’s Rise to Power

Samantha Kambule |
16 April 2013

Rhythm City’s lead actor, Jamie Bartlett, tells us why power is everything...

Years of intrigue and mystery about the dark forces that drives David Genaro will soon unravel as the pieces of the puzzle come together. David recently elevated himself to the top post of BK Kommando while in prison. We chat to the man behind David, 46 year old award-winning actor, Jamie Bartlett.

Take us through David’s current storyline?
The Rhythm City writers felt an incredible need to take David down six notches. They took his empire away from him, stripping him of power. You see a Genaro who is desperate and prepared to kill because he has nothing.

What is the BK group?
The BK group is a supremist white gang in South Africa. It’s an elitist white gang that is run in a military style. The BK group uses high discipline and masculinity and resonates with the right-wing systems of the apartheid regime.

David recently assumed power as the BK Kommando, what does this mean?
David will exercise his power to get back what belongs to him. He is going to come out of prison with nowhere to live and the story will play out with him getting his empire back. 

Why is power important to David?
Power is like a game to him; he loves sexual, financial, emotional, psychological and physical power.

Why is heading the BK group so important?
All of David’s assets were taken from him, heading this group means all of his assets will be his again.

What is David’s Achilles heel?
The only time David stopped in his tracks was when he believed he had a child with Lucilla, probably because he is always talking about needing an heir to his empire.

Jamie Bartlett quick facts:
• Starts his day at 4.45am with a bowl of green tea with lemon
• Learns his lines on the day of the shoot
• David’s suits and jewellery are custom made for the character
• The tattoo on his neck is a prop
• Has 25 pairs of red socks
• His favourite dish is samp and spinach