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How To Find a Good Nanny

27 January 2014
How To Find a Good Nanny

Most parents need to find a nanny/caregiver for their baby when they go back to work. Here’s some advice from experts on Great Expectations.

Remember there’s no “perfect nanny,” you need to find someone with the right personality for your family. The caregiver must be reliable, honest, on time, be able to communicate well and be willing to take instructions.

1. Make use of references from family and friends.
2. Use professional agencies and community boards.
3. Be careful of personal advertisements, check references first by making contact with previous employers. Don’t only rely on paperwork.
4. The basic training your nanny should have includes a first aid and childcare course.
5. Once you’ve found a nanny for your baby, take her through the house and show her where the telephone, emergency numbers, fire escapes, and first aid supplies are.

It’s important to take her through your child’s daily routine but be reasonable with your requests.

How to set boundaries for your nanny: 

1. In the beginning provide a contract with a list of duties.
2. Work on a probation period of three months.
3. Ask about her health.
4. Find out about the market related salary in your area.
5. Have weekly/monthly meetings with your nanny/caregiver and write down your expectations. Remember to be specific.
6. It’s important to have a good working relationship with your nanny.
7. Tell her what the five most important things are that she should clean every day.
8. If you have nanny cameras in the house let her know about it.
9. Allow for time for the relationship with your nanny to develop.

Remember a nanny is an investment - you get out what you put in.

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