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Nyathi Omens: Snakes and Burns

7 March 2014
Kagiso Modupe, Abigail Khubeka, Sello Maake kaNcube, Dawn Matthews

Last night Sharika was followed, the night before there was a snake in the house and Gogo’s burns seem to be getting worse. Is this just a case of bad luck or is it something deeper?

There’s been a string of weird things happening around the Nyathis in the past two weeks – NFH server was sabotaged, Mangi was defrauded of R14000, Daniel was misdiagnosed with cancer, Gogo has unexplainable burns all over her body and a poisonous snake was found in the Nyathi home.

On top of that it seems like someone was following Shakira in the NFH car park on last night’s episode. We see Shakira walking towards her car in the car park. She turns around and searches behind her frantically because she felt that someone was watching her. Someone whispers her name, but she can’t see who it is. Spooked, she gets into her car and drives off. 

Are all these incidents related? We take a look at each one of them closely.

NFH server wiped out 

On the 19 of February 2014 Mangi heard rumblings of unhappiness coming from downstairs at NFH. Palesa then came rushing in; something was wrong with the NFH network. All the computers in the newsroom have gone down. Every hard drive was wiped out before finished editions went to print. Mangi called IT to sort out the issue who confirmed that a virus wiped out the server. This meant that they can’t meet their deadlines and the advertisers will be furious. After speculating that they’re being sabotaged, they realized the virus was random. But was it?

Mangi’s bad birthday

It’s the 21st of February and it’s Mangi’s birthday. He doesn’t want to celebrate but Quinton and Thembeka want to have dinner. He asks Palesa to use his credit card to buy him a bottle of wine so he doesn’t show up empty-handed. Later Palesa comes back with shocking news; his card was rejected. His card is overdrawn after his recent purchase of R14000. A surprised Mangi swears he never withdrew that kind of money and immediately contacted the fraud department at his bank. Who was behind the withdrawal or was it another case of bad luck?

Daniel’s cancer misdiagnosis

On the 25th of February Daniel was diagnosed with cancer and was told that he has only a few weeks to live. He panicked and told his family, only to be told two days later that it was a misdiagnosis. There’s nothing wrong with him, he’s perfectly healthy. It then turned out his results were mixed up with the results of a man named Lucas Daniels. Is it a coincidence that his results were swapped with that of someone called Lucas? Or is the universe trying to tell him something?

Gogo’s burns

Gogo has nasty burns all over her body which she believes represents the fire of the ancestors. She revealed these when she came back to the Nyathi household on the 28th of February. Her condition has no medical prognosis and seems to be getting worse as time goes on. The ointment she received from the doctor isn’t helping. She’s adamant the only thing that will cure her is if the truth about Daniel came out. Is Gogo’s story far-fetched? 

The Snake

On the 5th of March a poisonous snake visits the Nyathi household. Zinzile is playing with Michaela when the phone rings. She goes to pick it up and leaves Michaela on the floor. We then see a coiled snake at the corner of the room making its way slowly in the baby’s direction. Fortunately Zinzile came back in time and scooped the baby off the floor and out of danger. Where did the snake come from? And isn’t it weird that this happened after Gogo says “The visitor is here”?

What do you think – just coincidences, or are the Nyathis in danger?

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