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Kenneth Nkosi: “I owe my success to one thing”

Chantelle Nicholas |
13 June 2014
Kenneth Nkosi: “I owe my success to one thing”

We chat to actor Kenneth Nkosi, host and voice over artist of the reality show Kitchen Queens.

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Although he’s also known as a funnyman, Kenneth is a no-nonsense dad at home. “I don’t have time to be a comedian at home. Otherwise my kids are going to grow up really mad.”

Kitchen Queens follows the journey of six ordinary women who have been nominated by a member of their community for their dedication and commitment to the community. Each week the queens tackle challenges that will enhance their community and ultimately put them in line to win a mobile catering kitchen.

Kenneth is a father to three “princesses” Ntando (12), Lungile (10) and Wandile (3), and has been married for four years to his “own Kitchen Queen” Itumeleng.

1. He loves his food
I love my food! (Laughs) My wife will tell you that I watch almost every cooking show because I love the idea of cooking – but I’m just not that talented. I’m talented at tasting. I gooi some dishes once in a while at home and they always tell me it’s nice.

2. He almost became a teacher
I know I wanted to be a teacher at some point but I discovered very early on in my life that I wanted to become an actor. I think when I was in grade 8 I was in a school show, that’s when I knew that it’s something that I want to do. And when the time came for me to do it, there was no other option. I knew that was what I loved and what I wanted to do. As a young child I was very quiet, acting gave me a voice and confidence.

3. He is passionate about his work
I owe my success to one thing and it’s the fact that I’ve always been passionate about what I do. And it’s the passion and the drive that got me to where I am today. 

4. He loves movies and hosting
I know it’s part of my job but I love watching movies. I also love hosting and a good braai with some friends at my house.

5. Tell us about Kitchen Queens, what is the show about?
The show is about mothers doing what they have always done best - which is keeping the family intact. I feel like I know them, most of them are from my township. It’s a beautiful concept and I hope people will love it.

6. What can viewers expect to see on the show?
They can expect to see the queens go through challenges and their mentors guiding them. Viewers can also expect to see some comedy and fun, but a lot of compassion which will warm their hearts.

7. What makes the show different to other reality cooking shows?
It’s based on reality and it’s not some gourmet meal. These ladies are not chefs, they are community workers. It’s not just a cooking show it’s more than that. It’s really about people trying to uplift their communities.

Watch Kitchen Queens Sundays at 6.05PM.