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Talking with Y&R’s Joshua and Sharon

24 February 2015
Talking with Y&R’s Joshua and Sharon

We chat to The Young and the Restless lovebirds Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case about their characters and favourite storylines.

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Joshua and Sharon have been on the popular CBS soapie for the past two decades. Their characters, Nick and Sharon, first met in 1994, and instantly fell in love. But their romance and marriage was short-lived as they faced many challenges.

Here’s what they shared with us:

You’ve been on the soapie for two decades, share some of your favourite storylines:
Joshua: “My favourite storyline was when Cassie died because it gave us so much story that we’re still getting to tell. Also, when Nick went to prison, I loved doing that.”

Sharon: “Mine was also when Cassie died because it was so intense and it changed so many characters’ roles and lives on the show. I also loved the Cameron Kirsten storyline because I thought it was funny and crazy. I mean Sharon was driving around with a dead body in her car and then dumped it in the sewer.”

What’s it like playing Nick and Sharon Newman?
“It’s great! He’s a good guy but he’s got an eye for the ladies. He loves his children and is always trying to save everyone.”

Sharon: “I love playing her! I love the many crazy things she’s gone through. Her life has been such an adventure. It’s almost like I’ve played 15 different characters in my career when I’ve only played one. There’s never a dull moment.”

Are there any similarities between you and your characters?
“I’m pretty similar to Nick because we both relish being a dad. Being with the kids on the show are some of my favourite scenes. And I love the relationship I have with my sons, they’re the best things in my life – so that’s very similar for us.

Sharon: “Yes I feel there are a lot of similarities between me and Sharon. She’s an optimist and a survivor. No matter how bad things get she knows she’s going to get back up and get through it. And I’m a survivor and a strong person as well – whatever happens in my life I deal with it the same way as she does.

What has been an interesting change in daytime TV?
Any kind of daytime dramas or reality television goes through phases. It’s the kind of thing that adds and flows over time. Things come in and go out of trend over the years. Right now there isn’t much daytime dramas on TV but that doesn’t mean it won’t change drastically in a few years.

What can viewers look forward to for Nick and Sharon Newman in the future?
Sharon: Nick and Sharon will always be in love. We have a lot of storylines coming up together and the show’s next storyline will be a large part of the heartbeat of the soapie.

Best advice given over the years?
Joshua: “Honestly, the best advice I got which at the time seemed crazy, was when I introduced Eric Braeden to my wife after we’ve been dating for a month. He said to me, ‘you need to marry that woman.’ And I ended up marrying her – but he literally just said that after meeting her for five seconds – and that was some pretty cool advice.”